Wherever We May Roam Tour
Supporting Album Metallica (The Black Album)
Tour Start Date August 1st, 1991
Tour End Date July 5th, 1992
Number of Tour Legs 5
Number of Shows 224
Other Acts Metal Church
Tour Chronology
Previous Tour
Monsters of Rock '91
Next Tour
Guns N' Roses/Metallica Stadium Tour
Wherever We May Roam Tour was the fifth concert tour by American Heavy Metal band Metallica, beginning in the fall of 1991. The tour would span three years, overlap the Monsters of Rock '91 Tour, Guns N' Roses/Metallica Stadium Tour in 1992 and Nowhere Else To Roam Tour to end in 1993.

The tour supported the band's fifth and most successful album to date Metallica (The Black Album). The band would stop by the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert to honer the life of Queen vocalist Freddie Mercury. Releasing their first box set Live Shit: Binge & Purge during this time featuring the audio of their Mexico City 1993 Performance, and the audio and video footage of the San Diego 1992 and Seattle 1989 from the Damaged Justice Tour Performances. Then after the tour they would release A Year and a Half in the Life of Metallica another box set showing the recording process of the Black Album and the respective tours for the album.

Typical Setlist

(Taken from the the San Diego, January 13th and 14th 1992 Performances)

  1. Enter Sandman
  2. Creeping Death
  3. Harvester of Sorrow
  4. Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
  5. Sad But True
  6. Wherever I May Roam
  7. Bass Solo
  8. Through the Never
  9. The Unforgiven
  10. Justice Medley
    1. Eye of the Beholder
    2. Blackened
    3. The Frayed Ends of Sanity
    4. ...And Justice for All
    5. Blackened
  11. Drum Solo/Battle
  12. Guitar Solo
  13. The Four Horsemen
  14. For Whom The Bell Tolls
  15. Fade to Black
  16. Whiplash
  17. Master of Puppets
  18. Seek & Destroy
  19. One
  20. Last Caress
  21. Am I Evil?
  22. Battery
  23. Stone Cold Crazy

Typical Show Antics

The band dispensed with supporting acts on the tour, billing it on tickets as "An Evening with Metallica / No Opening Act". Instead, a video presentation was shown before the concerts actually started. Included might be clips of local sights near the venue, Metallica shopping in local stores, roadies prepping the arena, Lars Ulrich walking around backstage giving introductions and reciting band history, or other band members engaging in various hijinks. The video would conclude with a montage of "Enter Sandman" with film clips of Clint Eastwood in The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

Setlists consisted of a mixture of Metallica (The Black Album) material with fan-favorite songs from their first four albums. Shows were typically three hours long. The stage itself was a diamond form, with a number of singing and playing positions as well as drum kit positions that would allow band members to rotate around. Some selected fans were located in a pit inside the stage area. Once in the show's mid-section, individual unaccompanied solo slots were offered up, typically a bass solo, then later a drum solo, and in another while a guitar one. The drum slot was often the most popular, with a second drum kit popping up and Hetfield taking a seat, dueling with Ulrich. Drum parts from other bands such as Slayer might be quoted, or Kirk Hammett might appear to play a bit of "Smoke on the Water" along the drums.

Tour Dates

Date City Country Venue Extras
Early North American Leg
August 1, 1991 Petaluma United States Phoenix Theater Setlist
August 2, 1991 Setlist
Monsters of Rock '91
August 10, 1991 Copenhagen Denmark Gentofte Stadion Setlist
August 13, 1991 Katowice Poland Slask Stadium Setlist
August 17, 1991 Donington England Donington Park Setlist
August 22, 1991 Budapest Hungary Nep Stadium Setlist
August 24, 1991 Munich Germany Gallopprennbahn Riem Setlist
August 25, 1991 Basel Switzerland St Jakob Football Stadium Setlist
August 27, 1991 Berlin Germany Waldbughne Ampitheater Setlist
August 28, 1991 Setlist
August 30, 1991 Hasselt Belgium Domein Kiewit Setlist
August 31, 1991 Hannover Germany Nieder-Sachsen Stadium Setlist
September 1, 1991 Nijmegen Holland Goffer Stadium Setlist
September 7, 1991 Mainz Germany Air Base Setlist
September 8, 1991 Oldenburg Weser-Ems Halle N/A
September 11, 1991 Graz Austria Liebenau Setlist
September 14, 1991 Modena Italy Fester De L'Unita Setlist
September 17, 1991 Dortmund Germany Westfalenhalle Setlist
September 18, 1991 Setlist
September 21, 1991 Paris France Hippodrome deParis Vincennes Setlist
September 24, 1991 Barcelona Spain Olympic Stadium Setlist
September 28, 1991 Moscow Russia Tushino Air Field Setlist
North American Leg
October 12, 1991 Oakland United States Oakland Stadium Setlist
October 29, 1991 Peoira Civic Center Setlist
October 30, 1991 Madison Dane County Arena Setlist
November 1, 1991 Muskegon L.C. Walker Arena Setlist
November 2, 1991 Detroit The Palace of Auburn Hills Setlist
November 3, 1991 Setlist
November 5, 1991 Milwaukee Bradley Center Setlist
November 6, 1991 Des Moines Veterans Memorial Auditorium Setlist
November 8, 1991 Minneapolis Target Center Setlist
November 9, 1991 Duluth Arena Setlist
November 10, 1991 Cedar Rapids Five Seasons Center Setlist
November 12, 1991 Green Bay Brown County Arena Setlist
November 14, 1991 Toronto Canada Maple Leaf Gardens Setlist
November 15, 1991 Setlist
November 17, 1991 Montreal Forum Setlist
November 18, 1991 Ottawa Civic Center Setlist
November 19, 1991 Quebec City Coliseum Setlist
November 21, 1991 Pittsburg United States Civic Arena Setlist
November 22, 1991 Indianapolis Market Square Arena Setlist
November 24, 1991 St. Louis St. Louis Arena[1] Setlist

Song Count

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Supporting Acts

Wherever We May Roam

  • Metal Church

Monsters of Rock '91

  • ACDC (Headliners)
  • Pantera
  • Motley Crue
  • Queensryche
  • The Black Crowes