When I was a little girl (like 5 to 10 years old), I had this guy cousin I looked up to named David. David was about 5 years older than me, and I thought he was so cool. We would go over to their house and I would go to his room which was decorated in black and he had a pet snake. It was David that first liked heavy metal and introduced me to it. I was immediately in love with Metallica. My mom thought I was crazy. My sister thought I was crazy. This was the early 80s and heavy metal was cutting edge and ugh, for guys. I didn’t care. I was always pretty deep and precocious and I absolutely loved the way the lyrics had real meaning. Even at my young age, I was able to understand, for example, that “One” was talking about someone who had been through a war while the songs on the radio spoke of everyday things that weren't deep.

All these years later and here I am-editing on the Metallica wiki and I still listen to them. Their music never gets old. I never get sick of their songs no matter how much I listen to them. They make me feel alive in a way that no other music does. To me, Metallica’s music is magic.

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