Metallica (album)

Through the Never is the seventh track of Metallica's fifth self titled studio album, better known as The Black Album. The song itself was composed by James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, and Kirk Hammett.

Live Performances

This song was played on '91-'92 Wherever We May Roam Tour. It was also played on the '93 Nowhere Else To Roam Tour. Alive Performance on both tours can be found on Live Shit: Binge & Purge. It was played on the World Magnetic Tour two times. After disappearing from the setlist for 16 years, It was played in Tampa, FL at the St. Pete Times Forum in 2009. After that it was played on the rest of the World Magnetic Tour (2010), 2011 Vacation Tour and 2012 Black Album Tour. It was last played in Perth, Australia and Cape Town, South Africa in 2013

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