Tour Dates

Here we will list all times The Four Horsemen has ever been played, complete with links to the full setlist of each show. If you'd like to see tour dates for The Mechanix head over to the Megadeth Wiki.



Date City Country Venue Extras
April 22, 1983 New York United States Paramount Theater Setlist
April 24, 1983 Setlist
July 29, 1983 Yonkers Rising Sun Setlist
August 3, 1983 Buffalo Rooftop Skyroom Setlist
August 5, 1983 Elmhurst L'Amour East Setlist
August 6, 1983 Brooklyn L'Amour Setlist
August 9, 1983 Baltimore Seagull Inn Setlist
August 10, 1983 Coast to Coast Setlist
August 12, 1983 Chicago Metro Setlist
August 28, 1983 Las Cruces Corbett Center Ballroom Setlist
August 29, 1983 Los Angeles Perkins Place Setlist
August 30, 1983 Reseda Country Club Setlist
September 1, 1983 Palo Alto Keystone Setlist
September 2, 1983 Berkeley Keystone Setlist
October 31, 1983 Palo Alto Keystone Setlist
November 4, 1983 Reseda Country Club Setlist
November 7, 1983 San Francisco The Stone Setlist
November 25, 1983 Berkeley Keystone Setlist
November 26, 1983 San Francisco The Stone Setlist
December 15, 1983 Chicago Broadway Jack's Setlist
December 18, 1983 Cleveland Agora Theatre and Ballroom Setlist MP3
December 30, 1983 Aberdeen Fountain Casino Setlist
December 31, 1983 Mount Vernon The Left Bank Setlist


Date City Country Venue Extras
January 21, 1984 Valley Stream United States Rio Theatre Setlist
January 22, 1984 Boston The Channel Setlist
February 3, 1984 Zurich Switzerland Volkshaus Zurich Setlist
February 5, 1984 Milan Italy Teatro Tenda Setlist
February 7, 1984 Nuremberg Germany Hemmerleinhalle Setlist
February 9, 1984 Paris France Espace Balard Setlist
February 11, 1984 Zwolle Netherlands Ijsselhallen Setlist
February 12, 1984 Poperinge Belgium Maeckeblyde Setlist



Date City Country Venue Extras
June 14, 2017 San Antonio United States Alamodome Setlist MP3

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