This was a tour by Metallica.


Jun.28 Lisbon, Portugal Super Bock Super Rock

Jun.29 Bilbao, Spain Bilboa BBK Live Festival

Jul. 1 Werchter, Belgium Rock Werchter Festival

Jul.3 Athens, Greece Rockwave Festival

Jul.5 Vienna, Austria Rotundenplatz

Jul.7 London, United Kingdom Live Earth-Wembley Stadium

Jul.8 London, United Kingdom Wembley Stadium

Jul.10 Oslo, Norway Valle Hovin Stadion

Jul.12 Stockholm, Sweden Stadion

Jul.13 Aarhus, Denmark Vestereng

Jul.15 Helsinki, Finland Helsinki Olympic Stadium

Jul. 18 Moscow, Russia Luzhniki Stadium

Oct.27 Mountain View, CA Bridge School Benefit

Oct.28 Mountain View, CA Bridge School Benefit

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