Ride the Lightning Tour
Supporting Album Ride the Lightning
Tour Start Date January 11, 1985
Tour End Date December 31, 1985
Number of Tour Legs 5
Number of Shows 57
Other Acts See below
Tour Chronology
Previous Tour
Bang That Head That Doesn't Bang
Next Tour
Damage Inc. Tour

Ride the Lightning was the second concert tour by the American thrash metal band Metallica. The tour was in support of Metallica's second album Ride the Lightning. Metallica performed for the first time at Monsters of Rock in front of 70,000 people.

Typical Setlist

  1. Fight Fire with Fire
  2. Ride the Lightning
  3. Phantom Lord
  4. The Four Horsemen
  5. (Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth
  6. For Whom The Bell Tolls
  7. No Remorse
  8. Fade to Black
  9. Seek & Destroy
  10. Whiplash
  11. Creeping Death
  12. Guitar Solo
  13. Am I Evil? (Originally performed by Diamond Head)
  14. Motorbreath

Tour Dates

Date City Country Venue Extras
North America, Leg #1
January 11, 1985 Scotia, New York United States Skyway Club Setlist
January 12, 1985 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Darby's Setlist
January 13, 1985 Baltimore, Maryland Coast to Coast Setlist
January 15, 1985 Montreal Canada Spectrum Setlist
January 16, 1985 Setlist
January 17, 1985 Quebec City Salle-Albert Rousseau Setlist
January 18, 1985 Ottawa Civic Center Setlist
January 19, 1985 Toronto Yonge Concert Hall Setlist
January 20, 1985 Buffalo, New York United States Salty Dog Setlist
January 22, 1985 Scranton, Pennsylvania West Side Theatre N/A
January 23, 1985 Poughkeepsie, New York Hudson Civic Center N/A
January 25, 1985 Brooklyn, New York L'Amour East Setlist
January 26, 1985 L'Amours Setlist
January 27, 1985 Setlist
January 28, 1985 Columbus, Ohio Newport Music Hall Setlist
January 29, 1985 Cincinnati, Ohio Annie's Riverside Saloon Setlist
January 30, 1985 Indianapolis, Indiana Sherwood Country Club Setlist
February 1, 1985 Detroit, Michigan Royal Oak Music Theater Setlist
February 3, 1985 Kalamazoo, Michigan State Theater N/A
February 5, 1985 Madison, Wisconsin Dayne County Auditorium Setlist
February 6, 1985 Minneapolis, Minnesota The First Avenue Setlist
February 7, 1985 Cleveland, Ohio Variety Theatre Setlist
February 8, 1985 Milwaukee, Wisconsin Eagle's Club Ballroom
February 9, 1985 Chicago, Illinois Aragon Ballroom Setlist
February 10, 1985 Green Bay, Wisconsin Carlton West N/A
February 13, 1985 Cedar Rapids, Iowa Veterans Memorial Colliseum N/A
February 14, 1985 Burlington, Iowa Burlington Memorial Auditorium N/A
February 15, 1985 St. Louis, Missouri Reflections N/A
February 16, 1985 Kansas City, Missouri Uptown Theater N/A
February 17, 1985 Wichita, Kansas Cotillan N/A
February 20, 1985 Tulsa, Oklahoma Cains Ballroom N/A
February 21, 1985 Austin, Texas City Coliseum N/A
February 22, 1985 Corpus Christi, Texas Ritz Music Hall N/A
February 25, 1985 San Antonio, Texas Cameo Theater N/A
February 26, 1985 Pasadena, Texas Cardi's South N/A
February 27, 1985 Dallas, Texas Arcadia N/A
February 28, 1985 Houston, Texas Cardi's N/A
March 2, 1985 El Paso, Texas City Coliseum N/A
March 3, 1985 Albuquerque, New Mexico Grand Central Station Setlist
March 4, 1985 Colorado Springs, Colorado DJ's Nightclub N/A
March 5, 1985 Denver, Colorado Rainbow N/A
March 6, 1985 Phoenix, Arizona State Theatre N/A
March 9, 1985 San Diego, California State University Setlist
March 10, 1985 Hollywood, California Hollywood Palladium Setlist
March 13, 1985 Palo Alto, California The Keystone N/A
March 14, 1985 San Francisco, California Kabuki Theater Setlist
March 15, 1985 Setlist MP3
March 17, 1985 Seattle, Washington Moore Theater Setlist
March 18, 1985 Vancouver, British Columbia Canada New York Theater Setlist
March 19, 1985 Portland, Oregon United States Starry Night Club Setlist
European Leg #1
August 13, 1985 Birmingham United Kingdom Unknown Venue N/A
August 17, 1985 Castle Donington Donington Park Setlist MP3
North America, Leg #2
August 24, 1985 San Francisco, California United States Ruthie's Inn Setlist
August 31, 1985 Oakland, California Oakland Colliseum Setlist
European Leg #2
September 14, 1985 Sankt Goarshausen Germany Metal Hammer Fest Setlist
North America, Leg #3
December 29, 1985 Sacramento, California United States Memorial Auditorium Setlist
December 31, 1985 San Francisco, California Civic Center Setlist


Supporting Acts

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