Monsters of Rock '88
Monsters of Rock 88
Supporting Album ...And Justice for All
Tour Start Date May 27, 1988
Tour End Date July 30, 1988
Number of Tour Legs 1
Number of Shows 29
Other Acts Van Halen
Kingdom Come
Tour Chronology
Previous Tour
Monsters of Rock '87
Next Tour
Damaged Justice

Monsters of Rock '88 (formally known as Van Halen's Monsters of Rock) is the third time American heavy metal band Metallica would tour on the "Monsters of Rock" tour festival, being their second year in a row playing on the bill. The tour would support as a pre-release tour for the upcoming album ...And Justice for All, as a result "Harvester of Sorrow" would make a few appearances on setlists throughout the tour, though it's live debut would be a few days before the tour began.

Typical Setlist

  1. Creeping Death
  2. For Whom the Bell Tolls
  3. Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
  4. Harvester of Sorrow
  5. Whiplash
  6. Fade to Black
  7. Seek & Destroy
  8. Master of Puppets
  9. Last Caress
    Misfits cover
  10. Am I Evil?
    Diamond Head cover
  11. Battery

Tour Dates

Date City Country Venue Extras
May 27, 1988 East Troy United States Alpine Valley Music Theatre Setlist
May 28, 1988 Setlist
May 29, 1988 Setlist
June 4, 1988 Miami Orange Bowl Setlist
June 5, 1988 Tampa Tampa Stadium Setlist
June 10, 1988 Washington D.C. RFK Stadium Setlist
June 11, 1988 Philadelphia JFK Stadium Setlist
June 12, 1988 Boston Sullivan Stadium Setlist
June 15, 1988 Pittsburgh Three Rivers Stadium Setlist
June 17, 1988 Detroit Pontiac Silverdome Setlist
June 18, 1988 Setlist
June 19, 1988 Buffalo Rich Stadium Setlist
June 22, 1988 Akron Rubber Bowl Setlist
June 23, 1988 Setlist
June 25, 1988 Portland Oxford Plains Speedway Setlist
June 26, 1988 East Rutherford Giants Stadium Setlist
June 27, 1988 Setlist
July 2, 1988 Houston Rice Stadium Setlist
July 3, 1988 Dallas Cotton Bowl Setlist
July 6, 1988 Indianapolis Hoosier Dome Setlist
July 9, 1988 Memphis Memorial Stadium Setlist
July 10, 1988 Kansas City Arrowhead Stadium Setlist
July 13, 1988 Minneapolis Metrodome Setlist
July 16, 1988 San Francisco Candlestick Park Setlist
July 20, 1988 Sopkane Joe Albi Stadium Setlist
July 23, 1988 Los Angeles Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum Setlist
July 24, 1988 Setlist
July 27, 1988 Seattle Kingdome Setlist
July 30, 1988 Denver Mile High Stadium Setlist


Album Song Times
Kill 'Em All (1983) Whiplash 28
Seek & Destroy 29
Ride the Lightning (1984) For Whom the Bell Tolls 29
Fade to Black 28
Creeping Death 29
Master of Puppets (1986) Battery 29
Master of Puppets 29
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) 29
...And Justice for All (1988) Harvester of Sorrow 17
Covers Am I Evil? (Original Artist: Diamond Head) 29
Last Caress (Original Artist: The Misfits) 29


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