Monsters of Rock '87
Supporting Album Master of Puppets
Tour Start Date August 20, 1987
Tour End Date August 30, 1987
Number of Tour Legs 1
Number of Shows 4
Other Acts Bon Jovi, Deep Purple, Dio, RATT, Anthrax, W.A.S.P., Cinderella, Helloween, Pretty Maids
Tour Chronology
Previous Tour
Damage Inc. Tour
Next Tour
Monsters of Rock '88

Monsters of Rock '87 is the second time American heavy metal band Metallica would embark upon the Monsters of Rock tour festival, their first time with new bassist Jason Newsted. While short it would feature the live debut of "Leper Messiah". New cover songs would also make their live debut such as "Crash Course in Brain Surgery" (originally by Budgie), "The Small Hours" (originally by Holocaust), and "The Wait" (originally by Killing Joke), all of which are on the Garage Days Re-Revisited EP which would release in the middle of the tour.

Typical Setlist

  1. Creeping Death
  2. For Whom the Bell Tolls
  3. Fade to Black
  4. Leper Messiah
  5. Whiplash
  6. Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
  7. Master of Puppets
  8. Last Caress (original performed by The Misfits)
  9. Am I Evil? (original performed by Diamond Head)
  10. Battery (with Damage, Inc. intro)

Tour Dates

Date City Country Venue Extras
August 20, 1987 London England 100 Club Setlist
August 22, 1987 Castle Donington Donington Park Setlist
August 29, 1987 Nuremberg West Germany Messegelaegde Setlist
August 30, 1987 Pforzheim FCP Stadion Setlist


Album Song Times
*Please note that the song counts are based on available setlists from
Kill 'Em All (1983) Whiplash 2
Phantom Lord 2
Seek & Destroy 3
Ride the Lightning (1984) For Whom the Bell Tolls 4
Fade to Black 4
Creeping Death 4
Master of Puppets (1986) Battery 4
Master of Puppets 4
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) 4
Leper Messiah 4
Covers Am I Evil? (Original Artist: Diamond Head) 4
Blitzkrieg (Original Artist: Blitzkrieg) 1
Crash Course in Brain Surgery (Original Artist: Budgie) 1
Helpless (Original Artist: Diamond Head) 1
Last Caress (Original Artist: The Misfits) 2
The Small Hours (Original Artist: Holocaust) 1
The Wait (Original Artist: Killing Joke) 1


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