Let it Loose is a song by British metal band Savage, it was covered by Metallica in their early days of touring. It was written by Chris Bradley and Simon Dawson.


    We won't need to intimidate you
    If we get a major breakthrough
    So come on, let it loose
    You've all seen this all before
    So come on, get up and off of the floor
    Let's go, let it loose
    We're not here to read your rights
    Tonight's the night you do what you like
    Hey you there, let it loose
    If it's much too loud, well, we don't care
    Are you ready, let it loose
    Going crazy
    We've the goods to appetise
    Take it all, don't compromise
    Let it loose
    Forget tomorrow, we're here today
    Is it what you want, are you here to stay
    What do you say, let it loose

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