Hardwired… To Self-Destruct (album)

Hardwired is the first and title track off of Metallica's tenth album Hardwired...To Self-Destruct.

It is also the first single from the album. The song was written and composed by James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich. During the writing phase the song's code name was "Riff Charge". 


This song has been well received, as fans in comment areas overwhelmingly find it to be a return to the more thrash style of Metallica's earlier years.


Metallica- Hardwired (Official Music Video)03:19

Metallica- Hardwired (Official Music Video)


  • "Hardwired" was debuted live on August 20, 2016, in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
  • As of 2016 it has only been played live once.
  • One August 21, 2016, the live debut was uploaded to the MetallicaTV channel on YouTube.
Metallica Hardwired (Live - Minneapolis, MN - 2016)03:31

Metallica Hardwired (Live - Minneapolis, MN - 2016)


    In the name of desperation
    In the name of wretched pain
    In the name of all creation
    Gone insane
         We're so fucked
         Shit outta luck
         Hardwired to self-destruct
    On the way to paranoia
    On the crooked borderline
    On the way to great destroyer
    Doomed design
         We're so fucked
         Shit outta luck
         Hardwired to self-destruct
    Once upon a planet burning
    Once upon a flame
    Once upon a fear returning
    All in vain
    Do you feel that hope is fading?
    Do you comprehend?
    Do you feel it terminating?
    In the end
         We're so fucked
         Shit outta luck
         Hardwired to self-destruct
         Hardwired to self-destruct

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