Guns N' Roses/Metallica Stadium Tour
Gnr metallica poster
Supporting Album Metallica (The Black Album)
Tour Start Date July 17th, 1992
Tour End Date October 6th, 1992
Number of Tour Legs 1
Number of Shows 26
Other Acts Guns N' Roses
Faith No More
Body Count
Tour Chronology
Previous Tour
Wherever We May Roam Tour
Next Tour
Nowhere Else To Roam Tour

The Guns N' Roses/Metallica Stadium Tour is a North American tour featuring co-headliners American Hard Rock band Guns N' Roses and American Heavy Metal band Metallica, during their Use Your Illusion and Wherever We May Roam tours respectively in 1992.

During the summer of 1992, Lars Ulrich and Guns N' Roses lead guitarist Slash held a press conference announcing the tour. Claiming that the two biggest bands in the world touring together is a "no brainier".

The tour would also include the infamous 1992 Montreal riot, during the show that night James Hetfield would be left with third degree burns on his left arm and side of his body after a pyrotechnics blast during "Fade to Black". For a while after this, John Marshall filled in for Hetfield on guitar. Hetfield claims that their pyrotechnics expert had came in before the show and had told the band that he would be adding extra pyro to the side wings of the stage during the song, but failed to elaborate that it would be addition to the existing pyro for the song.

Despite hardships, the tour would overall be a financial success for Metallica. The band however would swear off touring with Guns N' Roses ever again after the tour was over.

Typical Setlist

  1. Creeping Death
  2. Harvester of Sorrow
  3. Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
  4. Sad But True
  5. Wherever I May Roam
  6. Of Wolf and Man
  7. For Whom the Bell Tolls
  8. The Unforgiven
  9. The Shortest Straw
  10. Bass Solo
  11. Guitar Solo
  12. Fade to Black
  13. Master of Puppets
    Short Version
  14. Seek & Destroy
  15. Whiplash
  16. Nothing Else Matters
  17. Am I Evil?
    Diamond Head cover
  18. Last Caress
    Misfits cover
  19. One
  20. Enter Sandman


Date City Country Venue Extras
July 17, 1992 Washington D.C. United States RFK Stadium Setlist
July 18, 1992 East Rutherford Giants Stadium Setlist MP3
July 21, 1992 Detroit Pontiac Silverdome Setlist
July 22, 1992 Indianapolis Hoosier Dome Setlist
July 25, 1992 Buffalo Rich Stadium Setlist
July 26, 1992 Rittsburgh Three Rivers Stadium Setlist
July 29, 1992 Easy Rutherford Giants Stadium Setlist
July 31, 1992 Boston United States Foxboro Stadium Cancelled Date
August 2, 1992 Columbia Williams Brice Stadium Cancelled Date
August 5, 1992 Minneapolis Metrodome Cancelled Date
August 8, 1992 Montreal Canada Olympic Stadium Setlist
August 9, 1992 Toronto Canada Exhibition Stadium Cancelled Date
August 12, 1992 Denver United States Mile High Stadium Cancelled Date
August 14, 1992 Sand Diego Jack Murphy Stadium Cancelled Date
August 17, 1992 Vancouver Canada BC Place Stadium Cancelled Date
August 18, 1992 Seattle United States Kingdome Cancelled Date
August 21, 1992 Oakland Oakland Stadium Cancelled Date
August 22, 1992 Pasadena Rose Bowl Cancelled Date
August 25, 1992 Phoenix United States Phoenix International Raceway Setlist
August 27, 1992 Las Cruces Aggie Memorial Stadium Setlist
August 29, 1992 New Orleans Louisiana Superdome Setlist
August 31, 1992 Atlanta Lakewood Amphitheater Setlist
September 2, 1992 Orlando Citrus Bowl Setlist
September 4, 1992 Houston Houston Astrodome Setlist
September 5, 1992 Dallas Texas Stadium Setlist
September 7, 1992 Columbia Williams-Brice Stadium Setlist
September 11, 1992 Boston Foxboro Stadium Setlist
September 13, 1992 Toronto Canada Exhibition Stadium Setlist
September 15, 1992 Minneapolis United States Metrodome Setlist
September 17, 1992 Kansas City Arrowhead Stadium Setlist
September 19, 1992 Denver Mile High Stadium Setlist
September 24, 1992 Oakland Oakland Stadium Setlist
September 27, 1992 Los Angeles Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum Setlist MP3
September 30, 1992 San Diego Jack Murphy Stadium Setlist
October 3, 1992 Pasadena Rose Bowl Setlist
October 6, 1992 Seattle Kingdome Setlist


Album Song Times
*Please note that the song counts are based on available setlists from
Kill 'Em All (1983) Whiplash 25
Seek & Destroy 25
Ride the Lightning (1984) For Whom the Bell Tolls 26
Fade to Black 26
Creeping Death 26
Master of Puppets (1986) Master of Puppets 25
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) 25
Damage, Inc. 1
...And Justice for All (1988) One 25
The Shortest Straw 26
Harvester of Sorrow 26
Metallica (1991) Enter Sandman 25
Sad But True 26
The Unforgiven 26
Wherever I May Roam 26
Nothing Else Matters 25
Of Wolf and Man 26
Covers Am I Evil? (Original Artist: Diamond Head) 25
Last Caress (Original Artist: Misfits) 25