Demo Magnetic is a bonus demo disk that came with the Death Magnetic (album) Coffin Box set. Two other songs were premiered in 2006. The other songs were "The New Song" at the concert James said "here's a new one, we don't know what it's called, we don't even have a title for it. In the lyrics he says "Death is not the end" many fans believe this to be the title of the song, but they did not confirm this. It was about resurrection. The song later turned out to be "The End of The Line". The other song was called "The Other New Song". People believed this to be similar to Misfits' songs. There was another song called "Shine" or "Holy Revolver", they did not confirm the song title.

Track list

  1. "Hi Guy"
  2. "Neinteen"
  3. "Black Squirrel"
  4. "Casper
  5. "Flamingo
  6. "German Soup
  7. "UN3
  8. "Gymbag
  9. "K2LU
  10. "Ten

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