Garage, Inc. (album)

Crash Course in Brain Surgery is the fourth track from 1998's album Garage, Inc. second disc. It was written by Burke Shelley, Tony Bourge and Ray Phillips, with a length of 3:08.

Originally released by Budgie in 1971 on the Budgie album, Metallica have already released their version in their 1987's Garage Days Re-Revisited single.

Metallica just played this song live once, on August 20, 1987, in London (England). It doesn't appear in any other single released by the band.


Look inside and you will see
The words are cutting deep inside my brain
Thunder burnin' quickly burning
Knife of words is driving me insane, insane yeah

Raven black is on my track
He shows me how to neutralize the knife
Show to me in surgery
The art of fighting words to conquer life, conquer Life yeah

Now the wicked lance of fear
Is driving from my heady mountain brain
Crash course in brain surgery
Has stopped the bloody knife of words again yeah, Yeah, yeah