Garage, Inc. (album)

Blitzkrieg is the seventh track from 1998's album Garage, Inc. second disc. It was written by Ian Jones, Jim Sirotto and Brian Ross, with a length of 3:36.

Originally released by Blitzkrieg in 1981 as a B-side to the Buried Alive single, Metallica have already released their version in their 1984's Creeping Death single (aka Garage Days Revisited). It also features in the Whiskey in the Jar single as a live version, recorded on 1997 in London, England.


  • Metallica first played "Blitzkrieg" live on March 14, 1982, at Radio City in Los Angeles, California.
  • Since its live debut, the song has been performed 80 times live, the last time being on August 6, 2012, in Mexico City.


Let us have peace, let us have life
Let us escape the cruel night
Let us have time, let the sun shine
Let us beware the deadly sign

The day is coming
Armageddon's near
Inferno's coming
Can we survive the blitzkrieg?
The blitzkrieg
The blitzkrieg

Save us from fate, save us from hate
Save ourselves before it's too late
Come to our need, hear our plea
Save ourselves before the earth bleeds

The day is dawning
The time is near
Aliens calling
Can we survive the blitzkrieg?