Reload (album)

Better Than You is the fifth song from the 1997 album ReLoad. It was written by James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich and has a length of 5:21. It doesn't appear in any single released by Metallica.

With James Hetfield singing about a desire to be the best, the lyrics may be taken as an ironic view on arrogance. Better Than You won a Grammy in 1998 for Best Metal Performance.


  • Better Than You song was never played live by the band.


I look at you, then you, me
Hungry and thirsty are we
Holding the lion's share, holding the key
Holding me back 'cause I'm striving to be

Better than you
Better than you

Lock horns, I push and I strive
Somehow I feel more alive
Bury the need for it, bury the seed
Bury me deep when there's no will to be

Better than you
Better than you

Can't stop this train from rolling
Nothing brings me down
No, can't stop this train from rolling on and on, on
Forever on and on

Can't stop this train from rolling
You can't take it down
No, never stop this locomotion, on and on and on
No, you can't bring me down 'cause I'm

Better than you
Better than you

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